Culture vision

Hiawatha College Prep-Northrop is a place where all students are known well. We spend time each day, week, and month in community deepening the academic and personal habits necessary to live a life we are proud of. Students have multiple opportunities to practice self-awareness, collaboration, and agency throughout their time at HCP-N.

Our systems of culture and student accountability is predicated on our vision for equity. We seek to learn from feedback and mistakes in order to make choices that propel us forward to meet our goals. Because we value our unique community and interpersonal relationships, we strive to make choices that benefit our team.

Student engagement

Student engagement in our school culture is based on:

  • Restorative community building practices that take place weekly in crew
  • Weekly community meetings
  • Quarterly student forums- led by students on issues of importance to them
  • Semesterly public exhibitions of student work

Student accountability in our community is based on (Restorative Justice Principles):

  • Clear and transparent behavioral expectations
  • Honest and loving feedback and modeling
  • Transparent and logical consequences
  • Structured opportunities to “make it as right as possible” when mistakes are made

School expectations:

At HCP-N, we believe in creating long lasting relationships built on trust and personal accountability. We realize that everyone makes mistakes, and when we do, we value integrity and work to make it as right as possible after we make a mistake.

Each classroom has their own student accountability plan consistent with our school-wide expectations. These are posted in our rooms and taught to our students. There are also school-based expectations and consequences. The goal is for these to be clear, transparent and impactful. Our expectations are designed to increase safety and learning for every member of our community.

Teachers and our school administrators are responsible for regular, transparent communication with students and families about behavioral issues. Student and family privacy is of the utmost importance, and we strive to solve our challenges in community, by building community.

HCP-N school expectations:

Be respectful

  • Follow first requests
  • Be respectful of yourself and the school you want to create
  • Ask for what you need in ways that work for your community

Be in community

  • Collaborate productively
  • Create space that helps everyone learn
  • Honor our community by keeping it safe and calm

Be your best

  • Be on time
  • Be prepared with all class work and homework complete to the best of your ability
  • Complete class work and classroom expectations
  • Do better today than you did yesterday