Program highlights:

  • Crew: All students are known and know each other well. We devote school time each day to building community and striving toward a more equitable world intentionally through our advisory (crew) and community times.
  • Personalized Projects (PEP): Students have time built in each day to work on a standards aligned project of their choice. Project parameters and demonstrations of learning are supported by their advisor (crew leader).
  • Agency: Students and adults engage in experiences that helps us to know ourselves well and advocate productively for the changes we want to see in our communities. We have choices of what we learn, how we learn it, and how we show we know our content and ideas.

Course offerings:

All children at HCP-N take coursework connected to our values, the most ambitious educational standards, and their passions. As our program expands to include all grades, we look forward to deepening opportunities for enrichment throughout the school day.

You can expect your child’s courses to include the following:

  • Crew: A time to build community, check in on goals, and get centered in our school.
  • Math: Students learn core learning targets in grade level math. Coursework is assigned based on student achievement data and is tailored to meet each student’s academic needs and push them forward.
  • Science: Science at HCP-N will focus on the practices of thinking like a scientist. Students will engage in investigations, experiments, and presentations of knowledge that give hands-on experiences in scientific content.
  • Humanities: Students will have combined ELA/Social Studies coursework via EL Education. This work will combine the principles of deep learning with the interdisciplinary work of reading, writing, and analyzing historical and social studies concepts. This period is two hours long to ensure that students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve ambitious goals across content areas.
  • Fitness: A time to exercise body and mind. Students will play games and work on personal fitness goals. This time will also be used to learn and employ stress management and team building skills.

Personalized Enrichment Projects (PEP):

Every student has self directed time to learn about topic of interest to them using core learning frameworks designed to build their knowledge, skills, and communication abilities.