Our mission

All scholars at Hiawatha Academies will be empowered with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills to graduate from college and serve the common good.

Core beliefs about learning

Students learn best when they feel a deep sense of belonging, grounded in a well-understood sense of self and identity; when they feel physically and emotionally safe; have meaningful relationships with adults, when they feel heard. People learn best when they are respected and loved when they can express who they are as an individual and feel their whole self is valued by the broader community.


Students learn best when they can connect interdisciplinary content to their goals and interests, have opportunities to practice alone and with others, and are given multiple chances to make connections, change their mental models, and revise their thinking.


Students’ natural curiosity is best harnessed with opportunities to be creative and innovate. Students should be encouraged to use their imaginations. Students thrive when learning goals are rooted in a strong sense of purpose that furthers their current and future hopes and dreams.


Students learn best when they exercise choice and autonomy in their learning, when they have opportunities to pursue their passions and selfadvocate, and when their unique learning needs are honored and supported.


Students learn best when conditions allow them to struggle, fail, and try again. Students learn best when their learning is within their Zone of Proximal Development (just in time, just the right level). When students struggle, their successes and failures are celebrated as the path to progress. Students must come to believe they can succeed and believe the environment will support them when they take risks.


Students learn best when they have varied opportunities for practice over time where they use their minds and bodies to design, make, construct, build, and play. Students also learn best when their voices and skills are used to have a meaningful impact on their communities.


Students learn best when they receive frequent, purposeful, meaningful feedback on their work, when they are given the time and space to reflect on their own learning and progress and have a supportive adult who can support them in combining reflection with goal setting and revision.

Our network values

All Hiawatha Academies schools hold these core values:

Children are at the center of everything we do. 

We believe in investing fully in our scholars and their success throughout life. This is why we place them at the center of everything we do.

Our mission requires bold thought and action. 

Hiawatha Academies recognizes that in order to empower young scholars to be tomorrow’s leaders, we must think innovatively and act boldly.

We choose optimism. 

Hiawatha Academies students, scholars and parents choose optimism daily, with the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to.

We push ourselves to improve. 

Scholars and teachers of Hiawatha Academies embody determination and relentless pursuit in the face of the economic, social, and political obstacles today’s scholars face.

We are stronger together.

We are a community working together to ensure all our students have access to a quality education. Scholars and staff members are encouraged to make decisions that will benefit the entire team.

We create fun and a little weirdness. 

Hiawatha Academies believes that even in rigorous scholarship, there should be room for fun… and a little weirdness. We create an environment that allows our scholars to be themselves, quirks and all, and in which our teachers can create and have fun.