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that is deeply child centered, grounded in community, and that propels each child to realize their full potential.

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Welcome to Hiawatha College Prep-Northrop
Opening in Minneapolis in August 2018 and currently accepting applications for the founding fifth grade class. Enroll today!


Our mission is that all scholars at Hiawatha Academies will be empowered with the knowledge, character and leadership skills to graduate from college and serve the common good.

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Mr. John Kaczorek walked around the desks in a classroom at Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield where pencils were up and eyes were glued to the assignments at hand. A timer on the wall ticked down as the students worked on their math, giving them a clear time frame for finishing work. Mr. [...]
Hiawatha Collegiate High School’s Physics program is using new innovative technology this fall that is greatly improving the way students analyze and assess data.Physics teacher Alicia Gruenwald requested that the network purchase probe ware, and eight Vernier Labquest2 devices and sensors were bought for the class (and for other science classes [...]

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