The school leadership team ensures that our students have the environment, resources, enrichment opportunities, and curriculum to succeed in their education, by providing them with a dynamic and nurturing school community.

Hiawatha College Prep-Northrop

  • Sherene Judeh
    Founding Principal
    Sherene Judeh has been a teacher, school administrator, and advocate for equity in education for over 12 years. She has taught and led in district and charter schools and seeks continuous improvement in service of high expectations, strong community, and strong achievement results for students. Sherene has experience in interdisciplinary learning. social-emotional learning, change management, arts integration, and restorative practices. Through research, collaboration, and design, Sherene has worked with several schools to transform academic programming into authentic, community centered learning experiences for students resulting in dramatically increased student achievement. For the past three months, Sherene has been the Founding Principal, leading the research, development, piloting, and codification of the newest Hiawatha Academies school focused on equity, community and student agency
  • Stephanie Lee
    Math Foundations and Personalized Learning
    Stephanie Lee has worked as a high school math teacher in district and charter schools for the past eleven years. Driven by a strong desire to empower students to become leaders of their own learning, she believes that cultivating strong relationships is essential to building effective student-led learning communities. Stephanie has experience in designing math and interdisciplinary curriculum, implementing restorative justice practices, and using action research to improve teacher practice. Stephanie joined HCP-Northrop’s build team in October and is working on designing curriculum for HCP-Northrop’s math program and its personalized enrichment projects.
  • Kate Palmer
    Founding Director of Operations
    Kate Palmer is the founding Director of Operations of Hiawatha College Prep-Northrop. Originally from a suburb of Detroit, Kate graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University where she majored in Gender Studies and African Studies. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Illinois, Chicago. In addition to disrupting systemic barriers in education, she is passionate about health equity and has worked for the past ten years in reproductive and LGBT healthcare. Kate lives in south Minneapolis and enjoys spending time with her partner and infant son, Leon.